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About us

Bathroom Furnitures made in Germany

The philosophy behind Emotion

Up close and Personal

dominik-entelmannCEO Dominik Entelmann
(born 1984)

Emotion-24 is a successful online retail company that provides bathroom furniture, wash basins with cabinets and whirlpools. I founded the company in 2008 with the help of my senior partner Klaus Entelmann. As the manager and CEO of Emotion Warenhandels GmbH I would like to personally share with you our company's history and philosophy.

From Dealer to Manufacturerr

Initially as a dealer we were dependent on the quality and reliability of other companies. That experience has helped us to realize that in order to provide the highest of standards for our costumers we needed to make our products ourselves. In 2012 we began to bring our production to Germany and our continued business success since is proof that we made the right decision.

Quality furniture from Germanyemotion-moebelproduktion-3

I describe myself as a young, innovative and flexible entrepreneur and I hold the traditions of the Bremer Hanseatic League with the highest regards. Due to our vastly successful company we are able to invest in Bremen. In early 2012 we built our own storage and production facility directly on the Hansaline in the district of Hemelingen in Bremen. We now produce our furniture independently in our state of the art machine park which we designed to fit our precise needs.

Employee Satisfaction is our Security

We have established over 50 workplaces in Germany that have become an ideal setting for innovation and new ideas. We are very proud of our modern work environment and strive to continually offer our employees all the benefits available so that we maintain as well as grow our staff.

Our Prime Positioning in the Bathroom Furniture and Appliance Marketemotion-moebelproduktion-4

Since 2009 when our online bathroom shop went live we have enjoyed over 15 million visits (about 300,000 visitors a month). As of April 2017 we have reached out to 220 million consumers. We became B2B after we acquired the company Posseik Furniture. Emotion Warenhandels GmbH has expanded to a turnover of 10 million euros since 2008.

Rapid Growth and Expansion

Due to Emotion GmbH's enormous success in Germany (emotion-24.de/) we were able to open up a daughter company Emotion SARL in France (emotion-24.fr/). A few short months after that we opened up our first bathroom furniture shop for the English speaking part of Europe (emotion-24.co.uk/) Customers can now buy our bathroom furniture from Great Britain, Ireland, The Mediterranean, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands. We have Just recently, January 2019, launched our web-site in the USA (emotion-bathroom.com).

Protecting the Environment

CO2-Netural production, thanks to Solar Poweremotion-bath furniture production

In march of 2014 we started using our own Solar Power plant which is located on the roof of our production hall. It provides us with all the energy that we need. It actually provides us with about 200% more energy than we currently use. We know, though, that we will be needing this energy as we expand in the future years.

Sustainable Recycling of Raw Materials

With us, the recycling of raw materials is second nature. Sustainability respects the rights of future generation's need for a healthy environment.

Thoughtful Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We design all of our packaging using environmentally friendly materials fitted to each and every one of our products that will be shipped right to your door. Our custom packaging saves on transport costs as well.

Our logistic an production Team in Bremen


Whirlpools: Certified to the highest possible Technical Standard

Our whirlpools are produced to the highest possible German standards and we are required to pass VDE, Hygiene and CE standards. We only use technical components that are 100% reliable and no pool leaves our production hall without passing strict quality control testing.

Made in Germany

All of our bathroom furniture is built using our precise German machinery and all of the raw materials that we use are provided by German suppliers. We use state of the art 3D technology to produce perfection on all edges and grooves. You will see as well as feel the superb quality of our manufacturing.

Online purchasing direct from the Manufacturer

You will be getting the best possible price because you are buying your furniture straight from the factory and you can continually count on that.

We pride ourselves with our Excellent Customer Service

Our staff is very happy to answer any question that you may have from production to delivery and everything in between. The Emotion24 team gives you that personal touch that you don't always receive with online companies. We are multilingual and can help you in German, French and English. We look forward to greeting you!

Yours Dominik Entelmann
Manager Emotion Warenhandels GmbH, Bremen